How to Apply for a U.S. Work Permit

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How to Apply for a U.S. Work Permit

Applying for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), also known as a work permit, is an easy process. All one needs to fill out and send the required documents to the relevant body, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). However, for the application to be successful, one has to be eligible.

To apply, all one needs is a one-page form, the necessary fee, photos and the required documentation that proves one’s eligibility. Work permits are only issued to limited classes of immigrants, most of whom are applying for a green card. Also, a work permit is not the same as a work visa.


Form I-765

This is the one-page form that allows one to apply for a work permit. It can be downloaded for free on the USCIS website. The form will require basic information like one’s name, contact information and more detailed information as the questions progress.


Proof of eligibility

This proof requires one to produce a photocopy of the document that indicates the status that makes one eligible. Form I-765 will provide a detailed list of all the documents required for submission.

If the application for the work permit happens to coincide with the application for status, the USCIS will deduce the eligibility of the applicant from the application already submitted.


Application fee

The current fee paid by applicants in 2016 is $380. However, these fees have the tendency to increase, so applicants are advised to check the USCIS website regularly for the current fee. Those requesting deferred action have to pay a further $85 as biometrics fee.

Cash is not accepted as a method of payment. Payment can either be in form of check or money order mailed together with the application documents. However, those choosing file online have the option of paying either by debit card, credit card or electronic transfer from a savings account or checking account in the U.S.


Submission of application

After filling and attaching all the relevant documentation, submission of the application can be done manually or electronically. Manual submission involves mailing the required documents to the USCIS. E-filing allows for the filling out and submission of Form I-765 online. However, the supporting documents still have to be mailed to the USCIS.

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