Volunteering Work Permit for the UK Tier 5 Visa

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Volunteering Work Permit for the UK Tier 5 Visa

Tier 5 visa is also known as the Temporary Worker – Charity Worker visa. The visa category is applicable in the United Kingdom (UK). The visa application process is done based on three criteria. Firstly, the visa is issued to individuals who want to engage in charity or voluntary work. Secondly, the visa application is made by citizens of Switzerland or countries which are not members of the European Economic Area. Finally, the visa is issued to individuals who qualify for other eligibility procedures.

Overview of Tier 5 visa

People who apply for the visa must have the certificate of sponsorship. The certificate is issued by a recognized employer. The temporary worker or the charity worker should engage in job duties that are similar to the activities of the sponsoring employer. The UK visa application process takes three months. Fees for the Temporary Worker – Charity Worker visa vary depending on the eligibility criteria. Applicants outside the United Kingdom are charged about £225, while applicants from Macedonia and Turkey pay £170.


Eligibility for the visa

There are two major eligibility criteria. The applicant must possess the certificate of sponsorship from the UK sponsor employer. Also, the applicant must have bank savings of £945. The savings shows that the applicant can cater for his or her financial needs in the UK. However, savings is not considered if the application is fully approved by the sponsor. The sponsor caters for all financial needs of the temporary worker or charity worker.


Required documentation

Three documents are required during the Tier 5 visa application process. These documentations are a current passport, bank statement, and tuberculosis test result. A current passport is used for travel identification. The bank statement show a minimum savings of £945 for three previous months. The tuberculosis test result shows that the applicant is healthy and does not have the respiratory infection.

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