Tips for Choosing Your International Mover

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Tips for Choosing Your International Mover

Moving from one neighborhood to another is hard enough. Moving to another country could be disastrous if done the wrong way. However, it could also be easy and relaxing if done by the right group of people. Enter international movers. These are the professionals tasked with taking care of your possessions as they cross international borders.

So, how does one know the right people for the job? Here are a few international moving tips.


Identifying the right company

Look up an international moving company of interest and then proceed to check their reviews and credentials. Companies that have an impressive track record are mainly those that are affiliated with organizations. Most of these tend to have an advanced guarantee scheme cover. Also, check the level of accreditation given to the company as this speaks volumes about the quality of service offered.

Also, carry out research on the company that is contracted to receive your possessions on the other side, as the shipping company may not have their own outlet in the other country.


Find out the services offered

This is one of the most important international relocation tips. Some international movers are a one-stop-shop, whereby they provide packing, loading, unloading as well as unpacking. This may not be the case with all international movers. It is, therefore, prudent to enquire about the services offered and whether they attract extra charges.


Research on regulations of the destination country

Find out the laws and regulations that the destination country may have on the relocation of possessions. Also, find out if any extra documentation is needed before moving, such as custom prescriptions. Also, enquire from the moving company if they can provide assistance in getting the relevant documentation.


Insure the goods

A moving insurance policy is necessary, as it protects the possessions one is moving in the event of an unforeseen eventuality. The insurance can be provided either by the international moving company or an insurance provider.


Moving costs

International moving companies mainly price their services dependent on the distance to be travelled and the volume of goods to be moved. Valuable items would be safer being transported by air, with the rest being transported by water, which is cheaper. It is also good to get acquainted with the various charges involved with shipping, such as C&F (Cost and Freight) and B/L (Bill of Lading).

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