Steps to Obtain a Swedish Work Permit

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Steps to Obtain a Swedish Work Permit

For foreigners seeking to work in Sweden, there may be the need to obtain a work permit. EU citizens are allowed to work freely in the country without a work permit. However, a valid passport or ID is required.

International students are allowed to get employment in Sweden as long as they have a residence permit. However, upon completion of their studies, they will be required to obtain a work permit. Citizens from any Nordic country can live and work freely in Sweden. They should, however, get registration from the Swedish Tax Agency to get a Swedish personal identity number.

For Swiss citizens seeking to work in Sweden for more than three months, a residence permit is required. However, for citizens from non-EU countries, a work permit is a requirement so as to work in Sweden.


Requirements for Applying for a Swedish Work Permit

For one to be eligible for a Swedish work permit, one needs to have an official employment offer from an employer in Sweden. Also, the monthly salary should not be less than SEK 13,000 before taxes, an advertisement of the job should have been placed for a minimum of ten days in the EU/EEA and the employment offer terms should be in line with the ones set by collective agreements in Sweden.

For those with a family, the spouse and children 21 years and below have the right to accompany you. However, they are required to apply for residence permits.


Application Process

  1. The first step is to receive an employment offer. The offer must first be approved by the trade union concerned before being sent to the applicant.
  1. Compilation and submission, either online or on paper, of the work permit application. The paper application should be submitted directly to the Swedish embassy or consulate nearest to the applicant. The completed application form should be submitted together with copies of pages from the applicant’s passport that show their personal data, validity period and permission to live in other countries. In addition to these, an application fee and the employment offer and trade union statement should be included.
  1. The Migration Agency goes through the application and communicates their final decision.
  1. Submission of data for resident permit card and visa.

Upon expiry of the work permit, the applicant should apply for an extension to continue working in Sweden.

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