Keep Your Work Permit Updated: DACA Renewal Tips

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Keep Your Work Permit Updated: DACA Renewal Tips


The date at which you submit your DACA renewal application requests matters a lot. Currently, if you have a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the deadline for renewing it together with your Employment Authorization Document will catch you unexpectedly. The repercussions of losing your employment authorization and the DACA for even a glance are far-reaching.

Consider following the following tips to help you keep the work permit in check.

Always use the latest version of the DACA renewal application form

When making an initial renewal of the DACA application form, critical sections such as Form 1-812D (Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), Form 1-765 (Application for Employment Authorization), and Form 1-765WS must be in inclusive.

USCIS always rejects application requests missing Form 1-812D. For clients under removal proceedings, submit documents related to the removal proceedings of your criminal history.


Gathering of supportive documents

After submitting the renewal application forms, the USCIS might ask for evidence or additional information for verification. To avoid delays with the USCIS, gather and keep the documents that support your renewal application in a safe place.


Monitor your case status online

USCIS has an online platform that helps clients to check on their renewal application status. To use the Case Status Online tool, you have to use the work permit renewal receipt that was sent to you after submitting the renewal application form.


Submit your renewal application form on time

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, it is advisable to submit the renewal application form 5 months before the current work permit expires. This also applies to visa renewals and clients applying for a work visa permit.

If you submit the DACA renewal early, you are always off relieved the pressure of working on last minutes, which imposes fine to you. Submitting the renewal application forms on time always keeps the EAD, DACA, and the work permit active.

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