Critical Skills Employment Permits for Ireland

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Critical Skills Employment Permits for Ireland

The Critical Skills Employment permit is provided to people who are highly skilled in the employment market. The main aim of the employment permit is to encourage highly skilled professionals to accept permanent residence in Ireland. The Critical Skills Employment Permit is better than the green card because it strives to attract experts in different professions to work and live in Ireland. The experts have critical skills that are important in enhancing the economic sectors of Ireland. Internationally reputable engineers; for example, are needed to expand Ireland’s infrastructure hubs like airports, highways, and power stations.


Eligible occupations

The professionals who qualify for the employment permit must be highly skilled, especially in economic sectors that have less manpower. Ireland has a huge demand for professional engineers, Information Technology experts and scientists. These occupations are very important in expanding the economy of Ireland.

The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs is responsible for determining the eligibility criteria and also providing a list of professions with the desired critical skills.


The permit application process

Professionals who are interested in working in Ireland are required to fill the official application form. The form can be easily downloaded from the web page of the Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation.

A permit application has three basic stages. The pre-check stage ensures that the applicant has proper documentation. Checks/EFT payment is also made at this level. The processing stage is done by an official who is authorized to make decisions. The official can approve the application, or give reasons for rejection. Appeal stage enables the applicant to challenge application rejection. The appeal is done by a senior official.


When the permit application is approved, the professional can obtain traveling visa from the local Irish Embassy. Visa application is made on an official form. The form is downloaded from which is the web page is for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The professionals are subjected to normal immigration procedures when entering the country. The Immigration Officer has the final authority of approving the entry of the professional visa holders.

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