Reactivation of Employment Permit in Ireland

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Reactivation of Employment Permit in Ireland


The Irish government has been playing a significant role in ensuring that a citizen who does not come from the European Economic Area has an employment permit to work legally in Ireland. To be issued with a Reactivation Employment Permit, all applicants must be eligible and meet the set standards. According to the Irish government, all the candidates must have a Temporary Stamp 1 permit and a job offer in Ireland to be issued with the employment permit.


Tips for getting the Irish Reactivation Employment Permit

To be issued with the employment permit, you first need to apply for a Temporary Stamp 1 permission, which is applied to the INIS. After submitting the application form, the verification process takes place, where a Temporary Stamp 1 is issued if one is eligible.

Using the Ireland Residence Division Unit 2 online platform, regularly check the application status. This helps the applicants to know if their application was accepted or rejected. In the case of the application rejection, an applicant is given a maximum of 28 days to file an appeal.


The registration process

After being handed the Reactivation Employment Permit, the candidate is required to fill out a registration form with the National Immigration Bureau. The registration process helps candidates to have the right immigration status.


Requirements for getting a Reactivation employment permit

As I stated earlier, non-EU and EAA residents are required to have an employment permit to operate legally in Ireland. Applicants who hold middle paying jobs work permit and intends to change their employers in the job markets are eligible for the reactivation employment permit.

Also, all candidates who are illegally residing in Ireland, but they once have a work permit are also eligible.

For the applicants who hold a dependent permit and wishes to change their job permit with a new employer, the eligibility is assured.

However, the applicants who entered in Ireland as visitors or students and have not held a Reactivation Employment Permit are not eligible to get the permit.


The job arena

To work in Ireland, a candidate must have a direct job and get paid by the employer directly. Also, the employer must be registered with the Revenue Authority and the Companies Registration Office of Ireland.

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