Quick Guide to UK Work Visas

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Quick Guide to UK Work Visas


The United Kingdom offers its citizens a variety of working permits that enables them to work legally. According to the UK government, each work visa has its requirements, depending on the job type and the settlement period. The working holiday visa and the Ancestry Visa are considered as the best option as they offer the best deals to the holders.

The requirements of obtaining a UK Ancestry Visa Includes a certificate of birth that indicates your parents or the grandparents were once UK citizens and being a member of the Commonwealth citizens.


Tips for applying the UK work visa

When applying for a United Kingdom Work Visa, it’s advisable to check the British Governments online platform and the British Embassy to fully understand the requirements and the restrictions on the visa type you go for.

After deciding on the type of work visa you require, consider visiting the UK government official site and download the application forms. Alternatively, some opt to visit the British High Commission and inquire for the work Visa application forms.

While filling in the form, it’s also advisable to check on your eligibility and qualifications to make sure you will obtain the visa. Support the Visa with the required documents for verification reasons. Also, provide the Agency with the biometric fingerprints for your application to go through smoothly.


The United Kingdom Immigration Agency

To ensure that the UK Immigration law is followed to the letter, the UK Government has set up an agency that helps to offer applicants with visas that help candidates to take their spouse to the country and for sponsorship deals. The main requirements for obtaining a Sponsored Skilled Visa are the English proficiency test and the salary level.


The youth mobility visa

The youth mobility Visa goes for $400, rendering it relatively cheap for the applicants. The youth mobility Visa is only applicable to the residents of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, who are in the 18-30 age brackets.

For the highly skilled who have aspirations to work in the United Kingdom, the Highly Skilled Visa is the best option to go for. The Highly Skilled Visa indicates that the applicant wishes to settle in the UK in the long term. While applying for this visa, consider checking on English proficiency and the education level.

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