Spousal/Dependent Visa for the U.S.

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Spousal/Dependent Visa for the U.S.

A person who has United States (US) L-1 visa can be accompanied by a spouse or children on the L-2 visa. A spouse is the legal wife or husband of the L-1 visa holder. The children are the dependents of the L-1 visa holder. Children who qualify for the L-2 visa are legally required to be unmarried and aged below 21 years. The validity duration of the L-1 dependent visa and the L-2 visa is the same. This means that the L-1 child visa and the L-1 spouse visa have the same validity duration as the L-1 dependent visa.L-2 visa enables the holders to travel in and out of the United States.


Work permit

The L-2 visa enables the spouse to work in America after the approval of the Employment Authorization Document (EAD). The EAD card enables the spouse to obtain the Social Security Number. A spouse with L-2 visa is legally authorized to engage in any form of employment or business in the United States. L2 visa EAD ensures complete employment authorization. The L-2 visa EAD has a validity period of two years. It is renewable if the L2 visa is still valid.


Truly dependent visa

USCIS has the responsibility of limiting or denying the L-2 dependent visa. A notice should be provided to the L2 visa holder if there is need for visa revocation or denial. If the spouse or the child does not intend to stay with the L1 visa holder, then the L2 visa can be revoked. The L-22 visa holders are expected to adhere to the non-immigrant classification requirements.


Ineligible dependents

Some L-1 dependent visa holders desire the company of their parents in the United States on the L2 visa. Common reason provided by the L-1 visa holder is the responsibility of caring for their elderly, lonely, or sick parents. However, the United States does not recognize parents as dependents during the visa application process. Parents have the option of visiting the United States on the visitor visa.

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